About Us

Idea for Cvit & Co. box was born only a few months after my daughter Cvita.

As a new mother, I wanted to give my baby the best and highest quality products. Since I was working almost until the last day before giving birth, in the absence of time for detailed research, I would often buy products that were packaged in attractive and beautiful packaging or that were praised on certain websites. When I gave birth, I couldn't wait to try all the gifts I had prepared for Cvita's arrival in the world. Soon I started to notice that I hadn't even unpacked some of the products, let alone used them. On the other hand, every now and then I sent my husband to the store for little things that I didn't buy because I didn't even remember them or I considered them unnecessary before I gave birth.

Today's baby industry can really give moms a lot of trouble. Despite the large selection and wide assortment, moms often get lost in the forest of products recommended by pediatricians, visiting nurses, other moms on social networks... In response to the aforementioned challenges, the idea for Cvit & co came up. The contents of the box itself can be diverse, but all products have a common denominator - proven quality.

Cvit & Co. wants to enable parents to use the little free time they have in the best possible way and on things that make them happy, and not on endless shopping.

Products at Cvit & Co. boxes are diverse. So in our packages you can find cosmetics, toys, towels, bedding...

Most of the products inside the boxes were supplied by Croatian companies.

In addition to your baby, you can also order boxes as a gift. The diversity of the assortment brings a number of possibilities for creating an ideal gift for the birth of a child, birthday, baptism or any other occasion.

We look forward to helping you choose a gift tailored to your child! 🙂